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All This Latent Rage...

Posted by c4keman on 2007.02.01 at 00:45
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Hi. My first act as the new kid is to offer up one of the many idiots of the Internet to you people.

Her name is purelily, she's here on LiveJournal, and I absolutely loathe her. You know why? Because she's an anti-Semitic, homphobic white supremacist (look--the fundamentalist trifecta!) and a backwater hick who thinks she's the enlightened one around here. I don't usually like to do this to people--throwing them under a bus like that--but I had to tell somebody!

What really pisses me off about her is that she probably doesn't believe in abortion, ergo there's a chance that she'll spawn more of her wretched kind! Arrgh!

11, Amy Pond, Doctor Who

What is wrong with people today?

Posted by spoticus21 on 2007.01.12 at 18:10
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Just some stories I saw on the news just now. I hate animal abuse and here in Florida, it's coming it droves.

Someone went to an equestrian facility in Wellngton and shot two horses in the head. One died, and one was severely wounded. The person drove out, parked their car, and lured the horses to the fence before shooting them with a small caliber hand gun. Their checking into leads, but no one's been found for questioning so far.

Also, a guy is accused of punching a Shih Tzu in the mouth 6-8 times and breaking its jaw after it peed on him. He says it "must have run into one of the boulders surrounding his house" and he's not responsible.

I sometimes get more angry at these injustices than I do at people hurting other people... simply because there was nothing that animal could do to get away or see it coming. I get so sick sometimes.

omgz ims tr011ing tr011

Posted by trollingtroll on 2006.07.28 at 22:26
hello peoples

DIAZ: Yup that's me

I should KNOW better by now...

Posted by soberloki on 2006.06.03 at 11:12
WHY did I go to Wal*Mart?

Well, OK, they had the thing I needed to buy at $5 cheaper than anywhere else, but holy CRAP is that place ever the Pit of Bad Parenting and Poor Choices.

I'd picked up my purchase, was heading toward the front to pay so I could escape the fug of stupid permeating the place, and I nearly tripped over a little boy. Poor little guy, couldn't have been older than four or five, and he's crying in that scared-shitless quiet way some kids have that BREAKS MY FUCKING HEART. It makes me think that this is a kid who's learned not to make noise when he cries, for fear of something worse. (Of course that's not always true, I know. Maybe not even in the majority of instances. But that's what I THINK when I see it.)Collapse )

X-posted to my own journal.

Tony Alien

Super Suckage!

Posted by mercedeslove on 2006.04.19 at 16:58
Story Here

For those with link phobiaCollapse )

This is disgusting, people shouldn't be allowed to do this. Being gay has nothing to do with dying in a war. It really doesn't. This is the year 2006 and people need to start realizing that the whole 'being gay is a sin' is getting old and isn't going to fly any more. So what if they're gay! Big friggin' deal. This guy wasn't gay. He volunteered to fight in a war. On his own, and for these sick fucking bastards to go to his funeral and piss on him like this is uncalled for.

God is not punishing us for being tolerant to homosexuality. He is punishing us for being tolerant to asshole like the ones who go around protesting this stupid shit.

If they did any research and had half a brain. Spent more time reading a -history- book and less time preaching. They would know if it wasn't for the American servicemen they would have no rights and would be shot dead for protesting like this. Stupid morons.

Least the bikers are smart enough to block their disgusting message.

They should be ashamed to be American and alive

The way you write Tara makes me ill and sick to my stomach.
Please stop writing her and the world will be a better place for us all.

- A Tara Fan

People ... well ... suck.

Tony Alien

We have are first stupid person

Posted by mercedeslove on 2006.03.09 at 19:37
Check out this lovely gem I highly doubt this girl has watched the show from the start. If she did she might know a little more about the actors and writers before she posted something such as this. Really how stupid can one person be?